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This is an e-commerce website created to sell a single product, with options of subscriptions with the product. The landing page is informative, with CTA sections encouraging the user to purchase the product.

Live Preview

Bury Jubilee Outdoor Pursuits Centre

I was approached by Denise to build a modern, responsive website for Bury Jubilee Outdoor Pursuits Centre. It is built to be informative of the centre and it’s local area, and a major requirement was for it to be easy to use and navigate.

Live Website


Michael was looking for a website to be built to display his graphic design work. He also wanted to include a ecommerce store where people can purchase his pre-made “design packs” digitally and download them directly from his website.

Live Website

Ballyfin House

This was a personal project. I built a modern, responsive homepage and menu design for Ballyfin House which has an elegant look and feel – with the use of typography, sliders and animations.

Live Preview
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