We’ve all been there. Writing endless proposals for potential clients. Drafting up those bland looking invoices. Chasing up clients every few days for money they owe. Trying to find that person’s phone number or address in your notebook. Tedious, unnecessary work that comes with being a freelancer. Until recently, this used to be me. Then I stumbled across a little something which changed my workflow dramatically. Enter, and.co. And co, created by the wonderful guys at Fiverr, is a free-to-use business software for freelancers and studios. It takes 5 minutes to set up, and takes care of all your business needs. Proposals, Contracts, Invoices, Payments, Expense and Time tracking. You can get paid from a button straight from your invoice (after some integration with PayPal or Stripe), create automatic subscriptions for recurring charges such as website hosting, and – when it comes to the end of the financial year – it will even generate reports on your expenses and income! Let’s break this down into a few sub-headings, to give you more insight on what this software could do for you.

Your “Desk”

When you first log into And co you will see your “desk”, which is essentially a dashboard. At a quick glance you can view your revenue, outstanding amounts owed to you by clients, the proposals you have pending and tasks which are outstanding. On the left is your menu bar to access all of the features, and a “create” button at the top, for easy access to creating things like invoices, proposals, projects, contracts and subscriptions.

Clients & Projects

Next up we’ll take a look at the clients and projects features. When you create a client, you can make your client profile as basic or advanced as you like. At the very least, you’ll need to name your client, but you can also add an address, phone number and email address for the client. Much handier than having an address book, eh?! After creating a client, you can get down to making a project. Let’s say you’re working on a website. You can call the project “x website” and choose to bill by the hour, per item or a flat fee. And co even has a time tracking feature to help you track the hours you’re working if it’s billed by the hour.

Tasks & Getting Paid

When you have created a project, you can then set up tasks related to a project, to keep track of what you have done and what you still need to do for the project. This is a very handy feature to note down what you need to do to progress with a project. As I said in the opening paragraph, you can also get paid through and co’s website using Stripe and PayPal integration. You simply generate and send your invoice from the dashboard and there is a button on the invoice they can click and it will being them to a payment page to send you money – and there’s no transaction fees from and co!

My Favourite Features

OK so after using and co for almost 6 months, i’ve got to know the ins and outs of it pretty well. Here are my favourite features of their platform.

Cross Platform – I love how and co works across all of my devices, as a web app on my PC and mobile apps on my tablet and mobile. I can create and send invoices and tasks no matter where I am, which is handy as I am mobile a lot of my day.

Effortless Invoicing – I love how effortless their invoice creation system really is. I mean, yeah, you can fine tune it exactly as you want, but basic template setup makes a great looking invoice ready to send in minutes.

Outstanding Payment Reminders – After sending an invoice, it will remind you after a certain period of time that it has not been paid. This is especially handy as busy times of the year when you tend to find it hard to keep track of who has paid you and how much they have paid.

Invoice Viewed Notifications – This is great. You get an email notification – and a notification in the app – when the client has viewed the invoice. Especially handy for when a client is playing hard to get, and tries to tell you they “didn’t see the email”.

Subscriptions – This is useful for recurring billing, in my case monthly costs for website hosting and maintenance. Set it up once and it will bill the client repeatedly.


In conclusion, I believe and co is a great platform for freelancers, and greatly helps keep track of clients, projects and payments. It’s a viable alternative to many other paid software out there which does the same job – and they do it brilliantly. It’s definitely worth giving it a shot – especially since it’s free!

I am in no way affiliated with and co or Fiverr, I am simply an avid user of their software and am sharing it with the world!

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