How to install the D605 update to the Nissan Qashqai 2014-2017 Head Unit

3 June 2022
IMPORTANT: The update of the Nissan Connect unit will take approximately 50 minutes. It is important to let the engine run during the update process (ensuring you have enough fuel). I recommend going for an hour’s drive while the update occurs to keep the car going. If the reprogramming procedure…

Setting up 4G LTE home broadband in Rural Ireland

1 March 2022
I'm blessed enough to be living in a beautiful rural location in the heart of Ireland. But the issue with working in Tech and living here is that there are no fiber, or even copper, networks to my house. Yes, the NBI has started a rollout of rural fiber, but…

How to install WordPress on AWS using Amazon Lightsail

20 February 2022
Why Lightsail? Before we begin this tutorial, let's have a chat about why you should use AWS Lightsail over other hosting solutions. Most WordPress installations are used to run small websites and blogs, and these are usually ran on "Shared Hosting" solutions. And let's face it, anyone who has used…

How to create an AWS EC2 instance programmatically using Python

18 February 2022
In this article we will learn how to automate the creation of an Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance on Amazon Web Services (AWS). For this tutorial, I will be using Ubuntu in the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) on Windows 10. We will begin by installing pip, Python's standard package…

A Summer’s Work… Redesigning WIT’s Tutors Open Source Software Using DaisyUI

9 September 2021
During the summer, I tasked myself with redesigning the Tutors course reader software, built by Eamonn de Leaster for Waterford Institute of Technology. This software is used to deliver many of WIT's online courses to students across Ireland. Tutors-Next (the current iteration) is a Svelte & Typescript application which consumes JSON…

How to create and host a HTML website for free using GitHub Pages

14 May 2021
GitHub Pages is by far the best tool you can use for hosting a basic HTML website. In just a few minutes, you can turn a basic HTML template into a fully functional website, all for free. Below you can see an example of what we will be creating in this…