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IMPORTANT: The update of the Nissan Connect unit will take approximately 50 minutes. It is important to let the engine run during the update process (ensuring you have enough fuel). I recommend going for an hour’s drive while the update occurs to keep the car going. If the reprogramming procedure fails due to a flat battery, the unit will not be recoverable.

D605 file download:

1. Download the above ZIP file & extract it to a blank FAT32 formatted USB stick.

2. Turn the car’s ignition on (have the engine running). Lower the driver’s window a bit.

3. Insert the USB memory stick into the USB slot located in the center console storage compartment or directly below the display, depending on the car’s model.

4. Press and hold the “Setup” button on the head unit and then turn the “Enter” button’s wheel a half turn anticlockwise, then a half turn clockwise, then a half turn anticlockwise. The service menu will then appear. Release the “Setup” button.

5. Press the “Version” button on the screen. The ‘Service Version’ screen will appear.

6. Press the ‘Update System Software’ button. A message will appear stating ‘Insert USB stick and press OK to start software download. Do not interrupt download by removal of USB drive or engine start.’ Press ‘OK’.

7. The ‘Application’ screen will now appear and will state ‘Download Media Found’. Press the ‘Update’ button on the Nissan Connect screen. The Nissan Connect screen will now go blank. This is normal the Nissan Connect unit is initializing the reprogramming process. DO NOT remove the USB memory stick or turn off the car.

8. After a 5 minute period, the screen will become active and a “Reading Medium” message will appear. The reprogramming files will begin copying from the USB stick to the unit. A time elapsed counter will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen (highlighted in red).

The reprogramming will take around 50 minutes to complete. Ensure at this stage you are driving around to keep the car going.

9. After the reprogramming update has finished a message will appear stating “Please remove USB Stick. System is shutting down”. Remove the USB. The screen may remain on this screen for up to 5 minutes. This is normal DO NOT turn off the car.

10. The screen will then go blank and then reboot. When the rebooting process completes the Nissan logo will appear. The navigation usage guideline may also appear. Press the “Accept” button. The reprogramming operation is now complete. The hazard lights can now be switched off.

Cover Photo by Tigran Hambardzumyan on Unsplash


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